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Frank Nettles Automotive started in 1984. Member of the Monroe BBB, Automotive Service Assoc. and National Federation of Independent Business.


Local: 318-450-3688

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"Not too long ago I had an issue with my vehicle and brought it into Frank's shop. The issue was resolved and Frank was very nice and open with me about the problem and things I should be doing to take care of the car. About 3 months later the exact same issue started happening again with the vehicle so I brought it back in for him to take a look at, turns out the part they installed was defective. They replaced the part and got me back on the road with no charge at all. Superb customer service and quality care. They now have a customer for as long as I live in Monroe."


"I've never been in a shop as friendly and as honest as Frank Nettles. They fix what needs to be fixed and that's it. If there are other problems, they will let you know and make suggestions about what to do or let you know if it's serious and then fix it. I didn't feel pushed or pressure. I just knew I would bring my car back to them because I could trust them. "


"A neighbor recommended Frank to me many years ago and I have stuck with him because he has stuck with me and several vehicles, who have all had MANY miles. He's extremely honest, wouldn't put in a new heating coil in a truck that had 275,000 miles-said I could drive cold since he knew I was getting a new truck--he COULD have made the money and didn't. That's one of many examples of honesty. "