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Licenses / Credentials:
• ASE Certified Techs
• Auto Air Certified

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Services Offered:

  • Wrecker Calls
  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Electrical Service
  • Brakes/ABS/TRAC-Control
  • Auto Air Conditioning Service
  • Muffler Repair Service
  • Oil Change Service
  • Auto Tune Up Service
Monroe Auto Repair Service

Only when most people have been in a major accident or broken down they look for a Monroe Auto Repair Service. This can be costly and it’s difficult to find out the reputation of a company when you don’t have a chance to check their background before your car is disabled. Establishing a relationship with a professional Monroe Auto Repair Service before you need major repair or service will allow you to develop the kind of trust that will save you time and frustration when you have an emergency.

Monroe Auto Repair Service: When you’re Stranded

Auto repair services provide many different types of service. A professional Monroe Auto Repair Service is always eager to assist you. If you have a more serious problem and are stuck, a Monroe Auto Repair Service offers towing to their shop where your car can be diagnosed and repaired by their qualified technical staff.

Car towing may be an option through Monroe Auto Repair Service. If you are stranded on the road, some distance from your home, you want to ask your Monroe Auto Repair Service if they can provide towing to their shop. In addition, if you find your car won’t start, the towing service partnered with your local Monroe Auto Repair Service will come and check your car to make sure your battery is operational before they tow it to the shop. Many times a car that won’t start in the morning just needs a battery jump to be put back into running condition. The mechanic from your local Monroe Auto Repair Service doesn’t want to tow your car to the shop if there is a minor issue, such as gas or a battery that can put you on the road again.

Monroe Auto Repair Service: Quality Repairs

A professional Monroe Auto Repair Service provides a full-service garage for your make and model of vehicle. They have all of the equipment necessary to test and evaluate the problems of your car. There are many cars made today that are dependent on computers and sensors in their motors. A professional Monroe Auto Repair Service always makes sure they are up to date with their testing and repair equipment that they use to test and evaluate the computers and sensors in your car.
This updates the technicians on methods of improving the life and efficiency of your car.

Monroe Auto Repair Service: Customer Service

The staff at a Monroe Auto Repair Service will gladly answer any questions you may have and let you know how regularly you have to bring your car in for maintenance. The staff at the local Monroe Auto Repair Service will also inform you of any problems with your vehicle that may come up for attention which can be attended on another day. When you take your car in for its regular maintenance, the Monroe Auto Repair Service staff will inform you about how you can increase the life of your car and the best products to use for it.

When you call a Monroe Auto Repair Service with concerns or questions they will be able to provide you with assistance. The Monroe Auto Repair Service staff pride themselves on being available to provide you the quality customer service that you expect when you call them.

All of people working with your local Monroe Auto Repair Service will be able to answer your questions. If you call a Monroe Auto Repair Service they will be able to provide answers to your important questions .

Monroe Auto Repair Service: Follow-Up

A competent Monroe Auto Repair Service technician will follow-up with you after a repair to make sure that your car is running smoothly and no new problems have arisen. A professional Monroe Auto Repair Service will have a garage that meets the needs of your specific make and model of vehicle, and they will provide the kind of customer service that will engender a long-term relationship.

The goal of your local Monroe Auto Repair Service is to create a lasting relationship with you and maintain their reputation for quality customer service. When you have a longstanding relationship with your Monroe Auto Repair Service you can be assured that emergency breakdowns or repairs that you need will be attended to right away. Your local Monroe Auto Repair Service technicians are always available to assist you and make sure that you are on the road again soon.


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"Not too long ago I had an issue with my vehicle and brought it into Frank's shop. The issue was resolved and Frank was very nice and open with me about the problem and things I should be doing to take care of the car. About 3 months later the exact same issue started happening again with the vehicle so I brought it back in for him to take a look at, turns out the part they installed was defective. They replaced the part and got me back on the road with no charge at all. Superb customer service and quality care. They now have a customer for as long as I live in Monroe."


"I've never been in a shop as friendly and as honest as Frank Nettles. They fix what needs to be fixed and that's it. If there are other problems, they will let you know and make suggestions about what to do or let you know if it's serious and then fix it. I didn't feel pushed or pressure. I just knew I would bring my car back to them because I could trust them. "


"A neighbor recommended Frank to me many years ago and I have stuck with him because he has stuck with me and several vehicles, who have all had MANY miles. He's extremely honest, wouldn't put in a new heating coil in a truck that had 275,000 miles-said I could drive cold since he knew I was getting a new truck--he COULD have made the money and didn't. That's one of many examples of honesty. "